Monday, December 7, 2009

Aaaah. BFL

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I am in love with the little Bluefaced Leicester sheep!  This is, hands down, my favorite fiber to spin.   I have spun a lot of the much-beloved  merino, and I do really like it; don't get me wrong.   But there is something about BFL.

The yarns are so very soft.   I love putting the rovings and the finished against my face just to feel the softness.  And it is extremely easy to spin.   Like butter.  Unless I'm trying to create a thicker yarn, I don't even feel the need to pre-draft the BFL rovings.

So, here's the latest BFL yarn from my wheel - Paradee:


Yum, yum, yum.


Unfortunately (for me, anyway) this one has just been posted in my Etsy shop.   I'll miss you, Paradee!


cici said...

Wow that was fun to watch. She makes it look so easy. Your yarn Paradee is gorgeous♥

flyngmunky said...

LOL. It's all easy . . . when you know how to do it. ;0)
Thanks for coming by, Cici!


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