Tuesday, July 27, 2010

East Berlin, PA

Yes, I know - it has been a very long time since I contributed to this blog.  And I'm probably taking the easy way out.  But I'm going to commence my return to blogging with a completely photo blog from a recent trip to The Mannings - knitting, spinning, and weaving mecca - in East Berlin, PA with a group of sister knitters - Sandra, Shelly, Dianne, Arthella, and Cici and Chelette of "2 sistahs knit together" blog fame.

The Mannings front porch

The Girls!

For the Birds


Anonymous said...

your really captured a wonderful day. great post! arthella

flyngmunky said...

thanks, arthella, my knitting sister!

cici said...

okay this is my second attempt at leaving a comment.. don't know what happened.. I loved your photos♥ You know we miss you :(( I am so glad we were able to take that trip before you left,such great memories that we can look back on, you will have to keep blogging so that we can see what you are up to♥

flyngmunky said...

i miss you guys so much! i will definitely be blogging more consistently. the Wollmeise shawl i'm planning will be its own post (once I start it, that is). thank you again for that wonderful gift.


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