Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blog Block

Two weeks.  Two weeks since my last blog post.  Nothing in the new year.  How could I not do a New Year post for 2010?

I'll tell you how: I didn't want to.  And I'm a rebel without a cause.  Really, though, I've been lazy.  And I haven't felt like I've had anything to share.  Is it self-indulgent to post this crap?  Well, yes,  But since I'm still working out what this blog is all about, I'm gonna' say that's a-okay.

It's okay to write whatever I want to write here.  Or not to write anything.  Or to write about not writing. 

I'm sure you see what I'm doing here.  Priming the pump.  The best way to get through a block is to write through it.  So, even if it's some stream of consciousness bullshit (yup, that's a bit of profanity never before seen here at flyngmunky), it's gotta' come out.

Priming the pump.

Maybe a mis-spelled word (which the reader is unlikely to see because I love to proof and edit) will lead to inspiration.  For instance, "Priming the pump" started out as "Priming the pup."  Which got me thinking about the adorable new additions to my extended family: two beautiful Portuguese water dog puppies - Printz, my dad's pup; and Coltrane, my brother's.  But how can they become a post when I've never actually met them?!

I haven't met the pups, but I have met my kitties.  And I did promise (okay, warn) that there would be at least one post about my kitties, Isaac and Zora.  Who just happen to be the most beautifullest kitties in the whole world.  I, too, am astounded by my ability to remain objective when discussing these super fabulous, inordinately smart, frightfully cute, and incredibly accomplished kitties.

This, too, is just a warning.  But, the kitty post will come . . .


cici said...

Happy New Year!!! okay.. I wanna see pictures of these adorable kitties and pups♥ Hey.. you haven't heard about the Homepun Party coming in March.. Well, I think it would be cool if you signed up.. It was my most favorite show last year♥ http://homespunyarnparty.blogspot.com/
There is a ravelry and flickr page also

flyngmunky said...

I can't believe I've never heard of this event. I'll have to seriously consider applying for a vendor table.


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