Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In the beginning . . .

there was a mouse.  In my apartment.  And he brought his friends.
Then, just as they were taking over, there was Isaac.

He was super tiny and unnervingly skinny.  But he was feisty!

And apparently he was terrifying to mice.  Because after all 3.5 pounds of him chased one, I never saw another.

Now, I was never a cat person.  I grew up with dogs, and didn't really "get" cats.
But, here I was with a kitten.
In my house.

And, even as he grew into a very large, very chubby cat, I loved him.

But, alas, Isaac had some socialization issues.  He loved to scratch.  And bite.  Hard!  And often.  He was a big, unpredictable monster.
So, when he was about two years old, I got him a pet.  A tiny, fluffy, grey kitten - Zora.

How could you not love that face?  But Isaac did not.  He tried to scratch her.  And bite her.  Hard!

But she never feared him.

As if she couldn't believe that anyone would actually hurt someone as cute as she.

So, Zora hissed.  And bit back.  And, finally, won Isaac's heart.

And became the boss of the house.

So, now I have a house full of cats (aka "The Cat Farm").

Who don't scratch and bite.  (much)

And I love them.


Whitish said...

Great story and beautiful pictures. I love the second pic of Isaac 'coz I recognize that hyper look in his eyes. My cats always had that look moments before they pounced! The first picture of Zora is just adorable. She looks so tiny, like she could sit in the palm of your hand. Awesome, just awesome.

flyngmunky said...

Thanks, Ant! Glad they didn't put you to sleep. Thank you for your consistent support and encouragement. You rock! And you inspire me with your posts at

cici said...

awwww that was soooo good. I loved that story and especially the pictures. I once had a cat that looked exactly like Isaac. His name was Elijah. This bought back great memories for me. THanks

flyngmunky said...

thanks for the comment, cici! and thank you for coming. your comments keep me going as i continue to work out what this blog is about.

Charisse said...

I love it, I wish I can have more tan one cat. I also have a big orange cat named STAN. We saved him from the pound 7 years ago. We love him. Remember, your cats choose their owners.

Lupie said...

I'm glad to see you found my group on ravelry Lesser Known Skeins.
I will visit and comment on your blog oten.
Love all the babies!


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