Monday, November 16, 2009

Another New Favorite . . .

Last year was the Year of the Hat for flyngmunky.  I made a whole bunch of hats including two of my then-favorites Koolhaas and Turn-A-Square by Jared Flood.  Now that I have decided to let my afro grow wild I need hats that fit my hair.  So, last week I decided to make a hat out of some of my handspun yarn.  And last night I finished it.  Yay!

This is definitely my new favorite hat!


cici said...

it turned out so beautifully♥ I love the colors. The beauty of having your own hanspun has to be the ultimate satisfaction

flyngmunky said...

thanks, Cici! i am in love with this hat. and working with yarn i made myself is a fantastic experience. yes, extremely satisfying.


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