Thursday, November 12, 2009

Munky Makes a Hat

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Last night I got an overwhelming urge to make a hat. I'm thinking it might have sprung from having seen one of my co-workers sporting a hat that her mother made for her from my  handspun.

So I got out some double-pointed needles, some adorable, snag free stitch markers (purchased from Jed's Joy at Etsy), and a couple of cakes of my handspun merino/tencel yarn (spun from FatCatKnits fibers) and got to work. I'm knitting this one from the top down because I want to make sure as I'm going along that it will be big and slouchy enough to fit over my growing afro. There's no pattern, really, just a nice, simple hat. No stitchy embellishment; I'm letting the handspun do all the work on this one.

Originally uploaded by flyngmunky


cici said...

this is going to be gorgeous. I love your handspun♥

flyngmunky said...

thanks, Cici! hope to see you at A Tangled Skein this evening.

HRH Princess Buttercup said...

I am so glad that I got my dose of munky today!!! I am so ready for Tangled Skein!!!!


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