Saturday, November 7, 2009


Here's the problem:

I knit.  I spin.  I crochet (a very, very, little bit).  I have a bunch of yarn -- most of it my handspun.  I have patterns.  I have fibers, threads, beads, a spindle, a spinning wheel.  I have ideas.

I just don't know what to do next.  I currently have a pair of toe-up, two-circular socks on needles (we'll come back to that later - much later).  I have made one teeny-tiny baby slipper out of some of my handspun yarn.  I'm still working on my version of Mason Dixon Knitting's Moderne Baby Blanket - love, love, love log cabin knitting.

I could knit  I could put in some work on the socks -- we all know that's not gonna' happen.  I could make another teeny-tiny baby slipper to create a pair for some imaginary baby that one of my friends might, at some point, give birth to.  I could bind off and weave in the ridiculous number of ends on the Moderne, then begin the laborious task of finishing it with an applied i-cord.

Or I could start something completely new with some of my own, lovely, handspun yarn or something else I have stashed about.

I could spin:  I could grab some already combed and dyed fiber and make something chunky, or skinny, or whatever.

I could get out the hand carders and labor over cotswold and firestar and border leicester to create something truly unique and funky out of fresh rolags (don't know why, but I love this word).  I could overcome my fear, and try to make my first beaded handspun (shiver).

Or I could go to the movies.  Or clean my apartment.  Or take a nap.  I'm paralyzed!  Aaargh!

Whoo!  I'm finished with my little melt-down.

The socks are not gonna' happen.  That's a given.  I'll clean up a bit first to clear my head.  Then, I'll finish the blanket.  That's the plan.  Let's see how it goes . . .

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