Monday, November 16, 2009

Gettin' Busy

Now that the hat, my first project that was started and completed this season, is done, I feel ready to move on to other pursuits.  The hat has gotten me over my inertia and indecision.  So, let's see where we're going.  First, I've started a baby blanket for one of the soon-to-be-born twins of a co-worker.  Okay, they're not due until April, but I want to make sure I give myself plenty of time to get the baby's gifts done.  The blanket I'm working on now is a more traditional log cabin than the moderne I just completed.  And instead of garter stitch, I'm working it in seed stitch.  I'll post pics later.

Second, I'm working on my first reversible cable scarf.  I knit a cable scarf several years ago, and it was my last one until now; I hate scarves that are not reversible.  This one is being knit in some more of my own handspun - a super-soft, squishy, two-ply merino in a chocolate brown so deep I had to name the yarn "Profond" (that's French for "deep").  The Manitou Passage scarf pattern is super simple (right up my alley) and lovely.  (click here to learn about the source of this pattern's name)  Anyhoo, even at just a couple of inches long, I love it already.

Third, I'm gonna' do a bit of spinning.  On Friday, at my favorite LYS's late-into-the-nite, "Friday the 13th" sale, I purchased a really beautiful braid of hand-dyed BFL made by a local (Baltimore) company.  If I'm not mistaken, it's crying out to be skinny and smooth.  Potentially Navajo-plied.  We'll see . . .

Fourth, and finally for now, I purchased a gorgeous skein of hand-painted yarn at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival back in May that I have not turned into anything, yet.  This too is a local product, hand-
dyed by local fiber artist extraordinaire, Janet Stollnitz of Silver Spring Looms.  It's a little less than 500 yds. of sumptuous, mohair and wool (55/45), in gorgeous, saturated colors.


I do feel compelled to finally work some entrelac -- I've experimented with the technique, but have failed to do an actual project.  But this yarn is screaming super-luxe scarf - to be a dramatic accent piece to an all-black ensemble.  Besides, I really don't like the look of entrelac's rear.

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