Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Okay, time for a little bit of fun with Ten on Tuesday.

This week:  10 Ways to Waste Time on the Internet

1.    Ravelry - if you're here, my guess is you know what's up with this
2.    Etsy - online window shopping; it's pretty amazing what folks are cooking up in their studios
3.    Facebook - love my peeps!
4.    Flickr - i like to search the term "handspun" to see what other spinners out there are doing
5.    Slate online magazine - there is commentary on damned-near everything, here
6.    Daily Candy - simply fun (i'm partial to the washington, dc edition)
7.    You Tube - educational, funny, bizarre, gross . . . whatever you make it
8.    Rotten Tomatoes - because i just LOVE movies
9.    The Sartorialist - funny, i'm not into fashion, but i love this site
10.  Family Guy on Hulu - yes, i know this is wrong on a couple of different levels

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